Twirling Tie Rack / Belt Rack (Choose Color + Qty)

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You won’t believe how helpful this simple little product really is!”

This handy, top rated twirling tie rack is a simple yet very effective way to hang your favorite ties or belts.

It makes selecting a tie to wear SO EASY!!! Non-Slip curved arms hold ties securely and prevents slipping. Durable construction, thin space saving design also maximizes closet space.

Just fill with up to 20 ties and hang in your closet. THAT’S IT!!!

  • LARGE CAPACITY Holds 20 ties or belts (2pc set will hold 40)
  • 360° spinning: This tie / belt organizer easily spins a full 360° making selection a SNAP! Anti-slip arms hold ties in place.
  • Standard size hanging hook: Fits all closet rods
  • (Tie racks only, Ties not included)