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Closet Complete's manufacturing standards guarantee top quality and precise dimensions. Every hanger is rigorously tested by our proprietary process (shown here). Our Velvet Hangers are virtually unbreakable & deliver excellence, functionality, organization, beauty and order to your wardrobe. Raise your standards and upgrade your closet with Closet Complete.

Our Customers Say...

By far the best hangers on the market. So clean and chic -I just switched over my entire closet to these hangers and they are perfection! They’re good for shirts, pants, or suits, they're non-slip and always look super organized Also, they aren’t big and bulky so I can fit so much more clothing in my closet.I don’t know what I was doing before these hangers.

Highly recommend!

Raquel Bijou, SUPERSTAR | New York, NY

I switched out all 600 of my white plastic hangers with these clear acrylic hangers  and the look of my closet improved drastically. Beyond how beautiful it looks, the hangers are seriously non-slip. I used to have to use some velvet ones and some padded ones to keep stuff from slipping. It just looked like a mess in my closet with all the different hangers. These new acrylic ones  are everything in one. If that wasn't enough, they are so thin that now I have MORE space!!!

I am converted.

Melissa Gilbert

As an owner of an upscale women’s line of active and swimwear we are constantly looking for uniquely beautiful ways to display our products.  We use the Completely Clear, Invisible Hangers (now exclusively) at our retail boutiques and business showrooms. They will be the only Hangers we will ever use.

Thank you Closet Complete!

Chris Williams, Retail Owner | Los Angeles, CA

Best hangers ever! So light weight yet sturdy. Switch whatever hangers you have for these and I’ll guarantee you’ll double your closet hanging space! WARNING You might want to go shopping for more clothes LOL!!!

Verizonica Sanchez, SUPERMOM | Brooklyn, NY

So cute, bought these originally at HomeGoods and came here when I needed some more. They look amazing in my closet with the gold hooks, and they do not take up much space at all. This brand is really high quality and sturdy enough to hold my thick work blazers, wool coats and even a few items layered if needed. Also note - flimsy or strappy dresses stay on these hangers very well with the little notches and the velvet. 360 spinning hooks are a major PLUS!!

LS_in_NYC, Developer | New York, N.Y.

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