Completely Clear, Invisible Storage ®

"Truly SPECTACULAR hangers!"
The original Completely Clear, Invisible Hangers® are exclusively available at Closet Complete.
"Crystal clear, beautiful acrylic, yet space saving and affordable..."

Our Story
We are lovers. We love closets. We love ultra thin, space saving hangers. We also love acrylic.
So... on a mission we searched high, and low... no beautiful, space saving, and affordable acrylic hanger existed.
Inspiration for creation.  Much easier said than done!  ULTRA THIN, and ULTRA CLEAR... without breaking required developing a specific acrylic formula.
We achieved thin but not so clear, or strong but not so thin, or thin and clear but not at all affordable. Trial, and error... over, and over again.
We didn't give up. 
Finally, the Invisible Hanger® was born!
Crystal clear, beautiful acrylic, yet space saving, affordable, and non-slip. PERFECTION.
The Invisible Hanger® really is a spectacular hanger.

Completely Clear, Invisible Hangers® Collection (4)

Completely Clear Invisible Acrylic Hangers


Completely Clear Acrylic Hangers with Clips


Completely Clear Non-Slip Invisible Acrylic Hangers


Kids/Baby Sized Completely Clear Acrylic Hangers