Closet Complete's Quality Control Standards

Closet Complete® holds to extremely high standards. We put every single hanger through our proprietary, and rigorous testing and inspection process (shown below) to GUARANTEE QUALITY, EXCELLENCE, and PRECISE DIMENSIONS.Closet Complete® High Quality Velvet Hangers are virtually UNBREAKABLE! Watch the videos below to see our quality control for yourself. Raise your Standards. Upgrade your wardrobe today.

Closet Complete: Quality Control 360º Hanger Hook Strength Test

Closet Complete: Quality Control Velvet Hanger Visual Inspection

Closet Complete: Quality Control Precise Hook Insertion

Closet Complete: THE MAKING OF Our Patented Invisible Hangers

Quality, Luxury & Value

Our Standard of Excellence

At Closet Complete, we believe that being neat and organized shouldn't be a trade off for your personal sense of style or appreciation for design. Our best in class Velvet Hangers will triple your closet space and transform your entire wardrobe.