Over50 million hangers sold annually

Closet Complete® holds to extremely high standards. Every Closet Complete hanger is specifically inspected (by our own independent QC firm) and approved only after passing thisinspection. (shown below) We GUARANTEE QUALITY, EXCELLENCE, and PRECISE DIMENSIONS. 

Once verified, a Closet Complete logo is stamped on every hanger, confirming there is no better hanger available on the market! 

Our process’s improvements begin with the consistency of each hangers weight, and flow through consistent & precise size, shape, load capacity, neck cracking, PMS color, flexibility and packaging fit. 

Today we proudly boast that Closet Complete® High Quality Velvet Hangers are virtually UNBREAKABLE!

RAISE YOUR STANDARDS, upgrade your wardrobe today!

Closet Complete: Quality Control 360º Hanger Hook Strength Test

Closet Complete: Quality Control Velvet Hanger Visual Inspection

Closet Complete: Quality Control Precise Hook Insertion

Closet Complete: THE MAKING OF Our Patented Invisible Hangers

Quality, Luxury & Value

Our Standard of Excellence

At Closet Complete, we believe that being neat and organized shouldn't be a trade off for your personal sense of style or appreciation for design. Our best in class Velvet Hangers will triple your closet space and transform your entire wardrobe.