3 Closet Organization Mistakes You're Probably Making

closet storage bins

Although cleaning and organizing are often associated with the spring season, there's no reason you can't take an honest assessment of the state of your closet at summer's end. In fact, since you'll soon be switching over your wardrobe to warmer garments and lots of layers, this may actually be the perfect time to tidy things up. But it might not be enough to simply swap out your tees and shorts for sweaters and scarves. You may need to take a close look at some closet organization mistakes you're making -- and take steps to fix them before the season's change.

MISTAKE: Not Making Use of Wall Space

You probably make the most of your clothes hangers, but you might not be utilizing the wall space in your closet the way you could be. And although having built-in shelving is nice, you can just as easily create custom shelving to fill up the blank spaces you have. This can be an especially great solution for corners or for areas of the closet with strange dimensions. You can also hang a rack for belts and purses or shoe organizers on walls or over doors to maximize what room you have.

MISTAKE: No Cubbies or Closet Storage Bins

Depending on how style-obsessed you are, you might not be able to get by on shelves alone. Supplementing your space with closet storage bins and cubbies can be an excellent way to store irregular shaped items and safeguard the condition of your belongings. While cubbies can improve your organization and ensure you don't have to dig to find what you need, closet storage bins can allow you to categorize off-season apparel or bulkier items that you can't keep in drawers or on hangers. These kinds of organizers can separate your garments and even allow you to store or transport items elsewhere, if need be.

MISTAKE: Forgetting to Clear Out the Clutter

Sure, shelving and closet storage bins are must-haves. But one of the biggest mistakes you might be making is failing to get rid of the items you no longer like, need, or use. After all, only 20% of the clothes hanging in your closet are worn on a regular basis. If you have tendencies to hoard clothing from decades ago or can't seem to part with pieces that don't align with your personal style anymore, it's time to get a little more ruthless and get rid of the non-necessities. Ask yourself whether you've worn or used a given garment or accessory in the past year. If you haven't, it's time to donate it. Pieces that are no longer your size, your style, or in good condition can be given away or recycled, in most cases. You'll gain more breathing room and focus while providing useful to another individual who might need it more.

Although keeping your closet organized at all times is no easy task, you'll have a better chance of maintaining a clean and tidy storage space if you avoid these mistakes this season. For more information on how our products can transform your closet, please contact us today.