Beat Clutter and Take Back Control of Your Closet

Closets come in many shapes and sizes. There are small, compact closets that are often found in apartments and there are large, walk-in closets that are typically used in luxury homes. Owners of small and large closets have this in common: they all often run out of space, either because of clutter or poor organization. With the right strategy and tools, closet organization can be achieved easily and maintained without a lot of work.

Looking to reduce some stress in your daily life? Read through the closet organization tips below. If you use tie and belt organizers, wooden hangers, adjustable alloy rods, storage accessories, and numerous other closet essentials, you’ll ensure your closet stays organized for many years to come.

  1. Get Rid of Old Clothes and Things You Don’t Wear

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First things first, you have to get rid of the items you don't wear regularly. Think about it: why are these items taking up space in your closet if you never even wear them? It’s likely they’re collecting dust. Something can be done with these items! For example, you can donate them. You could also sell them online. When you get rid of items that you don't wear often first, you lay the groundwork for a simple process moving forward; you’ve already knocked off a few articles from the closet that you won't have to put back in later.

  1. Take Inventory Before You Buy New Items

This is more of a post-organization tip. Once your closet has been thoroughly organized, you should be more conscious when purchasing new items. If you’re shopping for a child’s wardrobe, then you should specifically think about which items go well with kid’s velvet hangers. It’s easy to lose hold of closet organization after a shopping spree, and this is why it's best, once you're organized, to do everything in your power to stay organized.

  1. Design Your Closet Layout With Efficiency in Mind

In this day and age, it’s very easy to redesign a closet without spending a ton of money. For those individuals that live in small areas, it’s best to use space-efficient closet storage tools during the redesign process. Consider using a variety of reliable hangers, decorative storage bins, shelf dividers, wooden cabinet inserts, and plastic drawers.

Design with visibility in mind. Most professional closet organizers say that the key to good closet organization is making everything that's important visible. You don't want sweaters stacked away in boxes; rather, you should use shelf organizers to place things according to season, frequency of use, or other factors.

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Where to Get the Best Closet Essentials Online

Closet organization can be accomplished in less than a day, even if you have an expansive walk-in closet. The key is getting assistance from us here at Closet Complete. Our closet essentials are preferred by homeowners because they’re reliable, stylish, and affordable. From decorative storage bins to a variety of reliable hangers, we sell a long line of products, all of which are sure to help you transform your closet spaces.