Bring Luxury to Your Closet with Solid Wood Hangers

When it comes to closet hangers, there are many different kinds: thin wire hangers, hangers made of velvet, plastic hangers, and  solid wood hangers to name a few. Homeowners often purchase different hanger types because each type fulfills specific requirements. For example, hangers made of wood are great for hanging sport coats, blazers, and other pieces of men’s formal wear, whereas velvet hangers are preferred by women who own a lot of delicate items.
But if you’re someone who wants your closet to be a luxurious sanctuary akin to something you’d see in the finest boutiques, you’re going to want to stock up on luxurious wood hangers. Below we list some additional reasons regarding why wood hangers are preferred.

They’re Strong and Durable
an image of solid wood hangers in a closet

Solid wood hangers are ideal because they’re both strong and durable; strong in the sense that they can handle heavy items with ease and durable in that they won’t break easily like plastic or cheap metal hangers. When shopping for wood hangers, look for products that use:

  • Solid lacquered hardwood
  • Natural finishes
  • 360° spinning hooks
  • Hand-crafted materials

They’re Affordable When Bought in Bulk
Do you have an expansive wardrobe? If so, there’s a good chance you’re buying closet hangers often. Instead of making multiple trips to a brick-and-mortar store, buy reliable hangers, like wood hangers and  velvet hangers, in bulk from a trusted online seller. Make sure this seller offers deals like  free shipping on bulk orders.
When you buy in bulk, you ensure you’re never without the reliable hangers necessary for storing an expensive wardrobe.

They’ll Help Ensure Your Clothes Stay Intact
an image of a luxurious closet/bedroomIs your closet filled with brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tom Ford, Fendi, and Maison Margiela? Do you use a  tie and belt organizer to hang expensive belts, like those made by Hermès and Salvatore Ferragamo? Don’t take unnecessary risks when you own an expensive wardrobe. For example, don’t use cheap wire hangers that could poke holes through hundred-dollar shirts, Instead, use wood hangers or  velvet hangers to keep items in place and intact.

Wood Hangers Can Be Lightweight
Just because a hanger is made of fine lacquered wood doesn’t mean it’s dreadfully heavy. In fact, most wood hangers are made out of materials that, despite looking like authentic wood from right off the tree, are incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. While these kinds of hangers should be kept away from children, they’re ideal for elderly individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. Elegance is what’s brought to a master bedroom closet that incorporates solid wood hangers.

Where Are People Shopping for Luxurious Wood Hangers
As it was said earlier, it’s best to buy  solid wood hangers online. We here at Closet Complete have been selling first-rate closet essentials for years, and we especially take pride in the wood hangers we sell. If you want affordability, reliability, and longevity, shop with us! We have hangers made of velvet and wood, as well as this  tie and belt organizer. Take your closet to the next level with help from us!