Clothes-Hanging Tips You Shouldn’t Go Without

Perhaps you're somebody who folds their shirts and pants on a regular basis. This is fine and everything, but you may benefit significantly from hanging your clothes and pants instead. Generally, hanging helps with preventing wrinkles, but the same can't be said for folding clothes.

This isn't to say that you should just hang clothes willy-nilly. In fact, there should be a certain level of organization to the way you hang things, and this can be accomplished easily if you use sturdy plastic hangers, stylish wooden closet hangers, and/or other accessories that make hanging clothes simple.

Let's go more in depth and look at three tips that can help even the most unorganized person hang clothes effectively:

  1. Use Velvet Hangers for Delicate Items

pink baby hangersWood Hangers Should Be Used for Heavy Items 

Many closets are filled with delicate articles of clothing—items made of silk, for example—and this explains why many closets are filled with nonslip hangers that are made of high-quality velvet. While these hangers are known for their many great qualities, they also come in a variety of shapes and sizes; in fact, you can even buy velvet baby hangers for the children you may have at home. If you don't want your shirts, blouses, pants, and other articles to get hung up, wrinkled, or damaged, then it's best to use hangers made of velvet whenever you can!

If you have a variety of heavy items in your closet, like bulky tops and pants, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, and other items that may weigh more than most clothing, then you should use wood hangers and other premium hanging materials that can accommodate large weights. Not only are these hangers good for holding heavy items, but they are also very stylish and therefore can go well with a variety of closet settings. With numerous wood options available, most of which come with a glossy or sanded finish, these hangers are preferred by homeowners across the globe.

  1. Keep Things Organized With Clear Hangers

organized and sleek closetCloset Complete Has the Hanging Essentials You’ll Need

Those who want to keep organization as priority number one should use clear hangers, for these are best in terms of promoting closet organization. These hangers are not only affordable and lightweight but also very easy to use. They are also quite reliable when it comes to hanging a variety of clothes, and they can hang moderate weights while also providing a fair bit of non-slip security.

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