Ditch the Self-Storage Unit and Use Clear Storage Bins

Several years ago, there was a large push to invest in expensive self-storage centers, where hundreds of units were waiting to hold items that were no longer worthy of being kept in homes. Storage centers were popular in the U.S, but people began to realize they were paying too much to store items that no longer had a place in their homes. Eventually, rental-agreement cancellations were frequent, and today self-storage units are not nearly as popular as they were at the turn of the millennium.

Former self-storage renters are now flocking to clear storage bins for all their storing needs, and for various reasons. If you want to know more about how clear bins are essentially putting the million dollar self-storage industry out of business, read on!

Clear Storage Bins Can Be Used at Home

empty storage unit

One of the biggest downsides of self-storage units is that they require you to store valuable items at a location far from your home. Moreover, accessing your valuables whenever you want is not always possible; most facilities don’t have 24/7 operating hours. Clear storage bins, on the other hand, can be stored at home, ensuring your valuables are always protected and easily accessible. These bins can also be conveniently stored in various places around the house, that way they’re not out in the open.

Clear bins are also made of reliable materials, so storing them in a hot attic or cold basement is totally possible—you won’t have to worry about the contents inside the bin getting damaged!

Clear Storage Bins Are Affordable

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Clear bins are preferred for a handful of reasons, though their affordability is arguably their most popular quality. And when compared to expensive self-storage, clear storage bins are by far the better investment. For one, clear bins are a one-time purchase, whereas renting a self-storage unit requires consistent payments. Also, with clear bins, you eliminate the risk of someone breaking in and stealing your precious valuables, at least at a location you have very little control over. A clear bin can be stored in a closet, well under closet hangers, and accessed whenever you need the contents inside. Don’t break the bank with expensive self-storage units when clear bins are more effective.

Clear Storage Bins Are Great When Used with Other Closet Essentials

While it’s true bins can’t house big-ticket items like dirt bikes, jet skis, and snowmobiles, they are perfect for storing smaller items like shoes, hats, and special-occasion wear. Most homeowners use clear bins along with closet hangers and baskets to create ideal closet spaces. Because these bins are compact, they can be stored easily and away from plain sight.

Who Makes the Best Clear Storage Bins

If you’ve been looking for clear bins, decorative storage bins, and other closet essentials, look no further than Closet Complete. Our products combine affordability with premium quality, and such is why they’re preferred by closet aficionados.