Making The Most Out Of A Little: Closet Edition

closet storage

Did you know that the average U.S. adult aged 25 to 34 spends around $161 on clothing every month? As you can imagine, that kind of constant shopping -- even if it's only on a few items -- can build up over the course of several years. Before you know it, you've got a dresser that's overflowing and a closet bursting at the seams; what's a person to do?

Unless you're lucky enough to live in a home with a walk-in closet, you're going to need to get creative. Let's take a look at some closet storage ideas that can convince the tiny space to give you a little more room.

Racks, Hooks, and Hangers, Oh My!

This suggestion is basic, to be sure, but that doesn't mean it isn't also effective. Including a rack for belts or a rack for ties can free up drawer space while taking advantage of that patch of wall within your closet; at the same time, finding new and creative ways to implement hangers -- whether you fancy acrylic hangers, velvet hangers, or wooden hangers -- can help you make the most of what little space you have. Throw a hook wherever you can, and watch as your closet storage slowly expands!

Suitcase Storage

Everyone has a spare bag, suitcase, or purse that they're not currently using. By filling them with seasonal clothing (i.e., whatever you're not wearing now) and shoving them up on the highest shelf, you can free up some additional space. This has the added, if not risky, bonus of allowing you to buy more clothing and swap the two as the weather turns and the seasons change.

Shelving And Bins Are Your Best Friend

Your closet doesn't have to completely be in your closet; if you've got extra space under your bed or desk, use it! Under-shelf baskets can open up more room for shoe storage, and keeping your winter clothing (most of which is bulky and takes up a lot of space) tucked under your bed will ensure your actual closet has enough room to breathe. Incidentally, this form of organization will make it easier to find the clothing you're looking for.

The trick to making your little closet feel huge is utilizing every single square inch of space available. Don't be afraid of a DIY project; with a bit of elbow grease and a screwdriver, you can have closet storage uniquely designed to suit your needs -- whether you own 50 pairs of shoes or have an affinity for cozy sweaters.