Some 5 benefits of kids’ velvet hangers

kids velvet hangers

Many closets are filled mismatched hangers collected from various stores, dry cleaners, or even with the clothes during purchase. This is a pretty common scenario and even possible in kids hangers, and it is no wonder that this can be transitioned to adulthood. However, since there are several ways that have been proven to offer a better experience when it comes to organizing your closet, it is important to try out some of the recent remedies.

Saving space

Space is of the essence when trying to get organized. With the use of kids velvet hangers, you can be guaranteed of using less space that it would be the case with the typical hangers. This is because they have a slim profile that makes more hangers fit on a small amount of space. Also with these hangers, if you were to settle on one with a uniform design the closet can look neater and more organized


One of the greatest benefits with the use of the velvet hangers compared to other types has to do with how neat the arrangement is. Neatness with this type of hanger is brought about by a clever notch design that makes contact between the cloth and the hanger firm. As a result, there is no formation of contours on the clothes and leads to a neat appearance. In addition to the notch, the velvet also holds on to the fabric of the cloth further preventing slipping which in some cases it would lead to cloths falling off a hanger.

Sturdy design

The majority of the kids velvet hangers available in the market are well built and have a sturdy design. As a result of this, they have the capability of withstanding more weight. This means that even the winter coats will be hanged using these hangers with ease and confidence. Despite having a firm design, the hangers are also lightweight, and this makes working with them a lot easier.


When it comes to velvet hangers, it would be inappropriate to indicate that they are cheap. This is because there are plenty of wire and plastic hangers that cost a fraction of what the kids velvet hangers cost. However, even this type of hangers has prices ranging in cents and with the level of convenience that they bring it is surely a value for the cash spent. To ensure increased affordability though, it is a good idea to purchase them in bulk, but this is exclusively depending on your current requirements.

Varying sizes

One of the other benefits of velvet hangers is the fact that they are also available in varying sizes as it is the case with even the standard hangers. As a result, you will be in a position to buy the type of hanger that is specific to your need as of that time and be assured that even at a later stage, other hangers will be available. For instance, you can have baby clothes hangers, kids hangers and even full-sized hangers. Furthermore, every category of hangers comes with varying sizes, and this adds to the versatility that these hangers bring.


Velvet hangers have really proven to be of great value and loaded with benefits. This explains the reason why the majority of the manufacturers are turning to this type of hanger. When looking for hangers for kids clothes, non-slip velvet hangers are the right choice.