The Benefits of Using Uncommon Closet Storage Solutions

Old homes, small apartments/condominiums, and ultramodern townhouses all have this one aspect in common, unfortunately: They all lack adequate storage space, and this requires individuals who’re living in such arrangements to find alternative storage methods for items that usually go in a closet. Additionally, many savvy individuals are using uncommon closet storage solutions, like tie and belt organizers and transparent bins, to make the most out of limited closet space, and many who’re pursuing this avenue have found that it’s cost-effective and stress-reducing as well. Our experts from Closet Complete know all about uncommon closet storage, and in the sections below we discuss the methods, tactics, and items we stand by. Read on!

  1. Tie and Belt Organizers: They Provide Unmatched Versatility

clothes hanging in an organized closet

When it comes to a tie and belt organizer, one might think that these are only good for hanging ties and belts; after all, this is what the name suggests. The name also makes it sound like these are only ideal for men, but such is not the case; women too can use tie and belt organizers to hang a variety of accessories, including scarves, bandanas, hair ties, bows, and hand towels. For men, these organizers can not only hang ties and belts, but ascots, scarves, and socks as well. Organizers for ties and belts are also ideal because they’re space-saving, mainly in that they can be hung from a closet ceiling and store items that otherwise would go in cubbies, drawers, or other built-in closet receptacles. These organizers go great with all kinds of closet decor, so you can pair them with wood hangers, acrylic hangers, or metal hangers and they’ll never once look out of place.

  1. Reinforced Acrylic Hangers: Affordable Yet Reliable

Some consumers look at plastic with ire, though this dislike of plastic is totally unfounded; plastic not only provides distinct reliability but it’s affordable as well. When you purchase acrylic hangers that are made of reinforced materials, you’re ensuring that your precious articles of clothing won’t end up in heaps on the closet floor. While many think that wooden hangers are the best for reliability, it can’t be denied that plastic hangers are incredibly reliable too.

  1. Transparent Bins: Perfect for Those Who Love Accessibility

organized closet and other accessories

Storage bins are not uncommon, but affordable bins that are transparent as well, for some reason, fell out of favor many years ago. Today, however, clear storage bins are more popular than ever, and this largely speaks to homeowners’ need for both accessibility and reliable storage. If you have kids at home, clear storage bins are a must; they’re ideal for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms as well.

Where to Get the Best Uncommon Closet Storage Essentials Online

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