Velvet vs. Acrylic: When to Use What

Clothes-hanging dilemmas are faced by everyone, and this explains why over the years closet solutions have been developed to tackle the plurality of common problems associated with storing clothes. Today, there are many closet essentials available, including velvet and acrylic hangers. Both of these hanging options are preferred for numerous reasons, and it turns out they're good at fulfilling different purposes.

If you want to know more about how both acrylic and velvet hangers can optimize your clothes-hanging, read on.

Velvet Hangers

an image of purple velvet

Hangers made of velvet are a reliable storage option for many reasons. These reliable hangers are great for individuals of all ages, and these hangers are especially good for hanging baby clothes. The non-slip quality these hangers have is probably most attractive. If you purchase these hangers online for affordable prices, you can buy them in bulk and save yourself the hassle of making frequent shopping trips.

These high-quality closet hangers also come in a variety of color options, so they’re accommodating of different closet arrangements. Often times, velvet hangers are made using strong materials underneath, but their velvet upper layers are always soft to touch. This explains why these are great for hanging clothes in a child’s closet.

You can actually extend the life of your wardrobe if you use high-quality velvet hangers, and these are also good for keeping closet spaces clean and tidy. These durable hangers can even hold items that have a little bit of weight to them, but you shouldn’t hang bulky items on these and expect them to hold up.

Certain fabrics are nearly impossible to keep on small closet hangers, but hangers made of velvet are a different story: because of non-slip technology, clothes always stay in place, intact, and off the floor.

Acrylic Hangers

an image of hanging clothes in a row

Are you tired of overflowing storage bins and clothes-strewn bedroom floors? Acrylic hangers are what you need! These affordable and reliable hangers are good for hanging a variety of items, particularly those that have a little bit of weight. It should be pointed out, however, that these hangers are not the best for hanging very heavy items, like thick suits and puffy winter coats. And because these hanging essentials are clear, they’re accommodating of a variety of closet decors. Dresses, blouses, jeans, slacks, baby clothes, and clothes for young children can be held by acrylic hangers to ensure stability. These durable hangers are long-lasting without the high cost.

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