What Does Every Child’s Closet Need?

If you’re expecting a new bundle of joy, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a lot of time planning and designing your newborn’s bedroom. While details like room color and furniture selection probably occupy most of your thoughts, it’s important to remember the overlooked elements as well. For example, you should figure out how much closet space your child will need, which velvet baby hangers they’ll use, and other organizational aspects.

Below is a list of four essentials every child’s closet should have.

child’s bedroom

Safe Hangers

Storing all your child’s cute little outfits may not seem like a big task at first, but you’d be surprised at how fast you can accumulate clothes for your child. In order to keep everything organized, you should use kid velvet hangers along with other closet essentials. Also, remember to keep safety in mind while shopping for items to fill your child’s closet: items like wire hangers may be affordable and durable, but such items are better for adult closets where safety isn’t a top priority.

Storage Bins

If you’re looking to get the most out of a closet space, using storage bins, along with velvet hangers, is essential. A bin of some kind can be found in virtually every home, and this is largely because these items are reliable, effective, affordable, and reusable. Also, because most storage bins are transparent, one does not have to remove a bin’s lid to know what contents are inside. Fold your child’s winter wardrobe and pack it nicely in a bin for the summer months. When the fall cool rolls around again, unpack and be glad the bin was so effective.

Special Outfits

child’s closet

When your child is young and almost totally reliant on you, dressing them up is quite the enjoyable experience. There are numerous outfits that make every baby look adorable, and you’ll be able to purchase all of these if you build a closet for your baby that can hold a lot of stuff. And for delicate items, velvet hangers are a must; they’ll be gentle on your child’s clothes, ensuring that the clothes stay intact for years.


To get the most out of a finite amount of space, use organizers. Items that arrange ties and belts are great for adults, but organizers can be used to accommodate baby accessories as well. If you want to effectively store hair bows, ribbons, bow ties, and all other items that your child might adorn an outfit with, purchasing some high-quality organizers is a good idea. And when these items are used in conjunction with kids velvet hangers, you’ll rarely find a time where things are unorganized.

Best Place to Go for Closet Essentials

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