What Should Every Baby Closet Have?

The arrival of a baby boy or girl is one of the most cherished times in a family’s life, and such is why most families spend so much time and effort preparing for the day when the little bundle of joy is finally brought into this world. The newborn’s bedroom will be a particular area of interest, for every detail will have to be just right before the baby arrives.

Stocking up on closet essentials like velvet baby hangers before the newborn’s delivery is a good idea, especially if you want to have an assortment of cute outfits ready to go on day one. Read on to learn what other closet essentials you should purchase before the baby arrives!

  1. Baby Hangers
an image of a walk-in baby closetBaby clothing is some of the most adorable clothing there is, and onesies, jumpsuits, and tiny bathrobes are all items that babies enjoy wearing. If you want your baby to always have access to cute outfits, consider purchasing velvet baby hangers. Hanging baby clothes is more ideal than storing it in drawers, especially when it comes time to dress your squirming child in the morning. These hangers are reliable to, in that they’ll hold clothes steady, ensuring no damage or unwanted wrinkles. When your baby outgrows these hangers, they’ll need kids velvet hangers, the next step up!
  1. Storage

While having baby hangers in your newborn’s closet is definitely priority number one, you’ll need storage items, like decorative storage bins, as well. These storage bins are not only fun and fancy—they’re also really great for parents who have a lot of child-related storage needs. For example, if your child has a large collection of shoes, sneakers, and boots, some of these items can be stored in decorative storage bins. Access these items accordingly—rain boots on rainy days, for example.

These bins are also stackable, so they fit in virtually any closet space efficiently. Consider purchasing more than one if you’re expecting your newborn to have a lot of clothes early on.

  1. Hanging Racks and Adjustable Shelving

an image of an organized closet

If your baby’s closet provides limited space, make the most of what you have by incorporating hanging racks and adjustable shelving. These closet essentials allow for more items to be stored easily and efficiently, and such is why they’re preferred by parents who’re working with a limited space. Adjustable shelves, in particular, are great because you can adjust them according to your child’s needs; if your child has a lot of hanging clothes, for example, these shelves can be placed above or below the hanging items to ensure easy visibility and access.

Where to Get the Best Closet Essentials

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