Where Do Wire Hangers Fall Short?

Most people have used wire hangers at least once to hang a piece of clothing or something else. Wire hangers used to be everywhere, and for a short while they were the most preferred hanging solution for American homeowners. But as time went on, people began to gradually realize that wire hangers were not all that they were at first cracked up to be.

Wire hangers have fallen out of favor with the majority of homeowners for several reasons, and one of the main ones has to do with there being so many more reliable hangers, like acrylic hangers, on the market today.

If you’re interested in learning more about why wire hangers should be given up for better alternatives, and if you want to know what these alternatives are, read on!

They’re Flimsy

an image of a bent wire hangerSome avoid wire hangers because they snap easily, and a jagged piece of metal from a snapped hanger can inflict damage on an article of clothing. In short, flimsiness makes wire hangers inadequate.Wire hangers may be made of metal, but they’re often very flimsy and therefore unreliable.

In some instances, a wire hanger can’t even hold a lightweight T-shirt properly. And if you’re trying to hang something that’s moderately damp, forget about it—there’s a good chance the thing you’re hanging will end up on the floor because of the wire hanger’s inability to hold it.


They’re Dangerous to Children

Most adults refrain from stocking their children’s closets with wire hangers, opting for reliable velvet baby hangers instead. For the reasons mentioned in the last point, wire hangers should definitely not be used around children. If your child gets a hold of a wire hanger without your knowledge, they may poke themselves in the eye or harm themselves in another way. Unlike wire hangers, velvet baby hangers are made of childproof materials, making them ideal for a child’s closet.

They Can Damage Clothes

an image of a damaged shirt

 As it was mentioned earlier, wire hangers have been known to damage clothes. In fact, wire hangers that aren’t even broken can damage clothes in a couple of significant ways. For one, these hangers, being made of metal, can rust and leave stains on what they’re holding.

Also, these hangers can cause pieces of clothing to be misshapen. Expensive clothes should not rely on cheap wire hangers. Instead, use a tie and belt organizer if you have to hang valuable accessories.


They’re Unappealing

Wire hangers are visually unappealing, and such is why you won’t find them in most of today’s luxury closets. Acrylic hangers are more appealing than wire hangers, and these hangers are pretty much transparent! That’s saying something! Wire hangers are good for hanging light items in a basement closet that’s hardly used, but more visually appealing hangers should be used in the home’s main closets.

Where to Get the Best Wire Hanger Alternatives

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