Which Hanger Types Are Popular Today

When you enter someone’s home or apartment, one of the first things you do is find a space to hang your coat. Most dwelling places have at least one closet, and this is large because closet spaces are incredibly important, especially today. Closets are essential for home storage, and some people even pay a lot to have more closet space added to the home. Closets can range from simple linen closets to luxurious walk-in closets, but in most of today’s closets you’ll find the same items. Some of these items, like solid wood hangers and hangers made of reinforced plastic, are not only popular because they’re visually appealing but because they are affordable as well.
Want to learn more about the closet hanger types most homeowners have today? Read on!

Wooden Hangers

wooden hangers

Are you someone who adores luxury? Do you think traditional products are both timeless and stylish? Then there’s a good chance you’re a fan of solid wood hangers. If so, you’re not alone—many homeowners across the world view wooden hangers as essential.

Wooden hangers are preferred for different reasons. While many enjoy the sleek and glossy-brown look, there are plenty of others who prefer solid wood hangers because of their reliability. They’re versatile too, so they go well with any closet style/arrangement.

Clear Hangers

Then there are clear hangers. These are preferred by homeowners who have multiple closet spaces in their homes. Why? Not only are these hangers affordable, they’re quite sturdy and slip-resistant too.
In the closets you use to hang clothes, clear hangers should be used to ensure high-priced articles of clothing never end up on the floor. These hangers are smooth, so they won’t damage clothing—even the most delicate fabrics are safe.
Despite what’s believed commonly, clear hangers are actually quite attractive, and such explains why you’ll find these in many modern luxury closets.

Velvet Baby Hangers

child’s closetFor homeowners with children in the home, velvet baby hangers are ideal. These hangers are not only reliable but safe and stylish as well. The safety quality is the one which most parents by these hangers for, and with these hangers, you’d never have to worry about a hanger falling and injuring your child.

There are many places online selling velvet baby hangers, but not all online retailers value customer satisfaction. For those that ship poorly made hangers, it shows they care little about product quality or the children who use these products.

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