Why Wire Hangers Don’t Measure up and What’s Better

Those who care about their closets, along with the clothes and accessories that are stored in them, often use a variety of hangers to store their shirts, blouses, dresses, and pants effectively. And while some use closets that are fully stocked with velvet hangers, hangers made of wood, solid acrylic hangers, and versatile 360° turning hangers, there are still a plurality of individuals out there who rely on wire hangers, the kind you commonly see at the local dry cleaning, to hang all the items in their wardrobes, even those items that are worth a lot of money.

Some of the downsides of wire hangers are obvious, but many still stand by them, and this loyalty puts those who aren't sure whether or not they should purchase wire hangers in a dilemma. Below we weigh in on the wire hanger debate and then suggest alternatives for those who want to stay away from these metallic, potential clothes damagers.

  1. When Wire Hangers Used to Be Reliable

white T-shirts in a row

A few decades ago, homeowners were purchasing wire hangers more than any other hanger type, and this in large part had to do with the lack of hanger variety on the market at the time. In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, solid, reinforced plastic hangers were not in wide circulation, and therefore individuals had to either rely on high-quality wood hangers, wire hangers, or hangers that were made of either velvet or another kind of fabric.

Today, however, the range of hanger types is wide, and therefore many don't use wire hangers like they used to. These hangers are limited in that you can't really hang heavy items on them, for most wire hangers can only withstand a certain amount of weight. There are other hangers out there that take up just as little space while still providing more holding strength, again making wire hangers inadequate in comparison.

  1. Modern Homeowners Prefer Other Options

two light blue shirts on hangers

There are a lot of homeowners out there who take home storage very seriously, and these individuals are very particular about what kind of hangers and storage equipment they use. Wire hangers often do little in providing visual appeal, so they can't blend effortlessly with, for example, a decorative storage bin that one might find in a child's closet.

Modern homeowners are very particular about the essentials they buy, and therefore if something does not fit well with a room or creates a sense of unbalance, then they are unlikely to incorporate it, and many have found this to be the case with wire hangers. Homeowners ask themselves: “Why would I purchase unattractive, cheap wire hangers when velvet hangers can be easily purchased online, and they are more affordable, reliable, and accommodating of my home decor?”

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