Your Closet can be a Paradise--and Here's How

velvet hangersWe're all obsessed with our clothes. Whether we need an outfit for everyday wear, a special occasion, or a rainy day, we've got our favorite go-to outfit. In recent times, the fascination with clothing has grown exponentially. In 1930, the average American woman had a total of nine outfits. Now? It averages around 30-one for each day of the month. With so much money spent on clothing, it's no wonder we put so much importance on keeping our clothes in good shape. What's the answer? Velvet hangers.

What are Velvet Hangers?

Velvet hangers are exactly what the name implies: hangers crafted from a velvet material instead of plastic. Still providing the strength needed to keep your clothes on the rack, these hangers provide the ultimate protection for your clothing. Say goodbye to stretched-out necks; your clothes will cling to velvet hangers and stay exactly where you put them.

What Benefits do they Offer?

It may seem silly to think that so much difference can be found simply in the kind of hanger used, but trust us, there is a difference. We've all struggled with plastic hangers and the difficulties they can cause. It's all too common for clothes to slip off and get lost in the abyss that is the bottom of most of our closets. Studies show that, throughout the average lifetime, we could spend up to 3,680 hours searching for misplaced items. That's a total of 153 days you could have spent with friends, family, or relaxing at the beach that was instead spent going mad looking for something. Non-slip velvet hangers guarantee your clothes will be held in place, right where you put them. Gone are the days of finding clothes crumpled at the bottom of your closet!

What are My Other Options?

If you're not sold on velvet hangers, there are several other options for you to up your organizational game. The advent of the tie and belt organizer will prove to save you precious time in the morning, and a spinning tie and belt rack will make you actually want to get up. If you're looking for more long-term storage, closet storage bins are the perfect way to make that pile of clutter at the bottom of your closet disappear.

We're not unfamiliar to closet woes. Whether you're trying to get ready in a rush in the morning or looking for a specific item, there are a million reasons why your closet can turn into a nightmare. Luckily, there are solutions! Velvet hangers will immediately up your organization game. They'll erase the problem of clothes slipping off their hangers onto the floor and ensure all your other garments stay in place when you pull one out. If you need a little more storage, closet organization bins are here to save the day! No matter your needs, there's something out there for you to bring you one step closer to the closet of your dreams.